Van lọc bụi ASCO DMF-Z-20 25 40 50 62

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Van lọc bụi ASCO DMF-Z-20 25 40 50 62

Working pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.8MPA

Ambient temperature: -10-65 degrees Air relative to no more than 85%

Working medium: clean air,

Current: 800mA / 60mA

Voltage: DC24v or AC220v

Solenoid valve from the principle is divided into three categories:  
  1) Direct acting solenoid valve: 
  Principle: When the electromagnetic pulse valve is energized, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing member from the valve seat. The valve opens; when the power is turned off, the electromagnetic force disappears and the spring closes the closing member on the valve seat. 
  Features: in the vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure to work properly, but the diameter is generally not more than 25mm.  
  2) Electromagnetic pulse valve distribution Direct-acting solenoid valve: 
  Principle: it is a combination of direct and pilot type of principle, when the entrance and outlet no pressure, the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and the main valve closing parts in turn up, the valve open when the entrance And the outlet to start the pressure difference, the power, the electromagnetic force pilot small valve, the main valve chamber pressure rise, the upper chamber pressure drop, so the use of pressure to push the main valve up; power, the pilot valve using spring force or The media pressure pushes the closing member and moves down to close the valve. 
  Features: In the zero pressure or vacuum, high pressure can also be action, but the power is large, the requirements must be installed horizontally.  
  3) electromagnetic pulse valve pilot solenoid valve: 
  Principle: When the electromagnetic force, the electromagnetic force to open the pilot hole, the upper chamber pressure quickly decreased in the closure around the formation of low pressure on the formation of high pressure to push the closure of the closure of the valve to open; Hole closed, the inlet pressure through the bypass hole quickly chamber around the closing valve to form a low pressure on the lower pressure, the fluid pressure to promote the closure of the downward movement, close the valve. 
  Features: the upper limit of the fluid pressure range can be arbitrarily installed (to be customized) but must meet the fluid pressure conditions 2. Electromagnetic pulse valve from the valve structure and material on the difference between the principle and divided into six small class: 
  Direct diaphragm structure, step – by – step structure, pilot – type membrane structure, direct – acting piston structure, step – by – step direct – acting piston structure, pilot piston structure
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